Many years ago the most astounding thing happened to me, a miracle. It was so extra-ordinary that, for many years, I struggled with the question: Why did it happen to me?

I was a young man living inSouth Africa, unmarried and my income was nothing to be envious of. Like any young man, I dreamt of my own house and so I bought a piece of land, a beautiful plot on which I had to pay monthly instalments. Every month the levies and taxes had to be paid as well. Shortly after that I got married and moved into a rented flat with my new bride. Then my pocket truly started to feel the strain: Flat rental, instalments on my loan for the plot, levies and taxes and all the usual added expenses that come with a wedding (furniture, honeymoon, ring, etcetera, etcetera…).

We have all, at one…

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4 thoughts on “MY OCTOPUS

  1. Dit is vir my so lekker om te hoor hoe God in mense se lewens werk. En ek hou van wat jy op die einde sê dat daardie R10 000 gebed gemaak het dat .jy weet God antwoord gebed. Net nou die ander dag gewonder hoeveel van ons gebedens word werklik beantwoord.

    • So bly jy kon ietsie uit die skryfsel kry. Ek glo ons bid dikwels verkeerd – ons wil by God ‘n towerstaffie kry en as ons dit nie kry nie, dan “is ons gebed nie verhoor nie.” God is nie ‘n goeie fee met ‘n towerstaffie nie. Hy is ons Leidsman wat voor loop en ons deur storms, geluk en ongeluk lei. Al wat ons moet doen, is volg.

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