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With every fibre in his body, André  Fourie is a Vrystater (someone from the Free State province in South Africa) who, due to circumstances beyond his control, lives in England (only his body, though). In view of the fact that he does not like to talk about himself in the third person, he will now switch to first person. SWITCH. There we go, much better. At this point I feel the need to apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes throughout this blog.

English is not my mother tongue, so please curb the urge to correct any errors, as I do not aspire to upgrade my English skills (OK, that’s a lie, or just me trying to hide my ineptitude – is that the right word? – to master this beautiful language). Besides, this website is more about sharing a passion I have for… well just about everything. *  Don’t get me wrong, I do have my preferences; things I value more than others like (in no particular order!) rugby, my dear wife (the love of my life), our children (my pride and joy!) and a braai (that’s BBQ for all you non-South Africans – including you, little spell-checker-friend who dwells in my computer).

But life’s too short not to try, investigate and sample the exciting (and sometimes poignant) hand-outs every new day brings. This is an invitation to join me around my braai-fire and endulge in life’s offerings.

Bon appétit!

(My name suggests that my French ancestors went to South Africa in the 18th century, but… yes, there they met the Dutch, Koi, English, Xhosas, Portuguese, Zulus and all the other colours of the future rainbow nation).

* And to promote my latest book!

See Unemployment, You and God’s Rescue Ladder (on the left)

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Great Blog Andre! I remember watching Biltong and Potroast when TV just started in SA in the mid 70’s. Just seeing the name reminded me of legends such as Cyril Green and Mel Miller (See short histroy below). I am also finding it slightly weird writing to you in English when we normally converse in Afrikaans, but hey – we can do multi-cultural as well as anyone! Looking forward to future blogs (wat is dit in Afrikaans anyways?)
    With the advent of T.V in South Africa in 1975, a comedy show of South African comedians taking on the rest of the world comedian’s was devised as a contest hosted by Clackie Mackay who has since passed on. The humour played out on that show had the viewing audience in its grip for some 5 year period on and off, and to this day has not been equalled in terms of audience popularity. The top comedians that emerged from that show are very much at the head of their performance level to this day

    • Thanks Bret, my man! Those were the days. Do you remember the Kodak-ad with (was it Dennis McClain?) as Frankenstein’s monster. Good to see Belgium-friends on my blog.

    • I have been looking for years for a DVD of Potroast and Biltong. Cannot find one anywhere. Live in Australia now and would love to buy a copy of the series to watch on my homesick days . Can you please let me know where I can purchase the series. REGARDS, dALEEN DE kOCK

      • Hi Daleen (are you Afrikaans?). I have received so many inquiries from people all over the world about a DVD of that most enjoyable series. Unfortunately I have no links with any of the participants. Have a look at Steve Travis’s comment below. He told me that he could’t find any tapes or DVD’s of the program. Maybe there will be some home recorded videos somewhere. (Waar in Australie bly julle? – my niggie-hulle en ander vriende bly ook daar).

  2. André, I’m enjoying your Blog to bits! In spite of being (mainly) a vegetarian, I find myself chewing on your Biltong and savouring the aroma of your Potroast. The cleverly compiled title of your blog does not only reflect your multi cultural disposition, but also brings back memories of the time when South Africa ‘arrived’. The year we down under also got TV.
    I would bath my eldest son (and then only child) late in the afternoon, then got him into the back of the car, made my pregnant body comfortable behind the steering wheel of my Volla and off we would go to my parents’ house. They had a brand new colour TV!
    Thanks for the memories and thanks for a very interesting blog I’ll certainly keep on following.

    • Thank you, Alice. It was a toss-up between Biltong and Pot-roast or Boerewors and Bacon (or, especially for you, Boerpampoen and Baked Beans). And I thought that it was only my favourite programme…

  3. Andre, Great blog boet, thank you.
    My Dad (Con Travers) was the captain of the Biltong Team for the first 3 years it was aired on SABC and I have fond memories of the whole crew and his fellow comedians. Great times. Sadly, when the SABC did re-training post 1994, every one of the archive tapes were wiped in error and the entire history of Billies and Potties was destroyed.

    Hope the UK has been good to you, I’ve been here 22 years now and live everyday to travel back annually to the bush!
    Moi bly en veels geluk

    Steve Travis

    • Steve!
      I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your comment. It is very special. Yes, like most South Africans of that time, Biltong and Pot-roast was one of my favourite programmes and the week’s highlight one the box. If I send you an e-mail to this gmail-account of yours, will you get it? My e-mail address is fourieaj@hotmail.com.


  4. Whatever happened to Len Davis who was also one of the original Potroast & Biltong team… Tries to Google him but could not find anything

      • Hi Claudia, thank you so much for your much appreciated update. When I close my eyes, I can vividly see his face, telling one of his funny jokes like (sometimes) a very dumb bloke or something. Is he well? Are you in SA? Did you see Steve’s comment a little higher up?

  5. Ek skryf dit hier want ek weet nie waar anders nie. Dit is maar net ietsietjie wat ek wil noem:
    Is daar enige verskil tussen n skuilte- en kos-kamp, en n konsentrasie kamp, siende waar die geld vandaan kom?
    Die vraag is retories.

    Ek het jou site gister ontdek en lank gesit. Ek geniet dit baie dankie.

    cjfbrand (.com)

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